The Weimaraner is a breed that is also known as Grey Ghost, most notably due to its grayish and monochromatic color of the coat. Originally, the Weimaraner dog bred to hunt big game such as deer, wolves, or even bear. It has the ability to maintain its composure even at greed speeds, indicating its quality […]

A Tibetan Mastiff can always make a great guard and watch dog. Despite the Tibetan Mastiff size, which weight can reach anywhere between 100 and 170 pounds, this breed actually has a loving and gentle heart. It loves its people, making it a great family dog as well. Even so, considering the size, you will […]

If you live in an apartment, a Toy Fox Terrier can be suitable choice of pet for you, especially due to its size as a toy dog. Both Toy Fox Terrier puppy and dog can do well in warmer places. Even so, if you also own cats, dogs of this breed can be difficult to […]

With its working class background, nobody will ever say that a Siberian Husky dog is a lazy one. This breed has a distinguishing look, especially the eyes, to grab attention. Icy blue, brown, and heterochromia eyes are possible for dogs of this breed. The Siberian Husky facts are that this is a breed of a […]

The small size of Shih Tzu is one of reasons why this breed can make a suitable pet for someone living in smaller living place, including apartment. In fact, Shih Tzu dog is also a good choice as a family pet. This little mop of hair often demands for companionship, making it a lovely lap […]

As a breed of dog, poodle has a surprising number of variety and versatility. And it is not just a toy dog; the poodle dog can also make a wonderful pet. Many people can have plenty of fun with their poodles, especially with their rambunctious, athletic, and energetic nature especially under the sun. In general, […]

The Newfoundland is one of the famous working dogs. This dog is awarded with high intelligence. The appearance is little bit weird but it is multitalented. Even, it is one of the best dogs rescue in the globe. It lives in Dominion of Newfoundland, Canada. This dog is originally bred and by the inhabitants who […]

The Neapolitan mastiff is also called Italian mastiff. It is a large dog breed which is usually used as a defender or guard. It keeps the owner’s family and property. It loves this job because it has natural instincts of protection and fearsome visual look. Different with other dogs, this dog does not like doing […]